The Death of William Spanos

Bill Spanos, my teacher and the founding co-editor of boundary 2 died this morning in Binghamton NY.  His son, Adam Spanos and his wife, Shohreh, were with him.  I met Bill in August 1970 over a cup of coffee in his book lined study listening to Bach.  He had great plans for rewriting the history of especially American literature, for redoing criticism as a form of ontological engagement with human historicality, and for creating a journal to embody and enable all of this.  He came very near to pulling it off over a life-time of writing, teaching, and reading with deep ethical purpose and energy.  He was writing books until the last.  There is much more to say.


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One response to “The Death of William Spanos

  1. pbove

    In mourning, the moment always comes when the unconscious catches the mind in its desire to continue a now impossible conversation or argument. This is too lateness.

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